After years of experience in the clothes-manufacturing industry, Beatriz Perez showcases the happiness, culture, and rhythm of her home country of Venezuela.

Her dream and vision have been fought, not given. Her relentless ambition and spirit have been focused on imprinting her joyous attitude and happiness into every print, design, and collection. Beatriz’ infectious persistence and strength has been a tool to motivate her family brand to strive for the utmost quality as well as a cleaner printing process with a lesser impact on the environment.

The accumulated experience led Beatriz to start in 2018, dedicated to women who feel empowered, and fashionable, those who love life and comfort.

Bululu is a womenswear brand that focuses on being part of those moments in which the sun is the special guest and being fashionable is a must.



Bululu’s objective is for you, the wearer, to feel part of our community by feeling the uniqueness in each one of our pieces; a dedication to comfort without compromising figure, and the elevation of our inner beauty through fashion. The careful study of current trends in the market, alongside the creative and passionate nature of Beatriz, are the combination that make Bululu’s prints and designs so unique. 

Miami is the birthplace of Bululu, and the city’s vibrant atmosphere is the place where all of our fabrication takes place, including our printing, which is done in the most environmentally friendly process available which dump no waste to our water sources.

The craftmanship required to manufacture all of Bululu’s pieces is handled by an extraordinary team of women with years of experience dedicated to making sure that no detail is missed in the production phase. Our unique approach to fashion makes it so every piece is custom built from the moment that the order is placed, again ensuring the highest quality, and requiring no outside sourcing of work.  

Simplicity, timelessness, and a fashionable outlook are the mainstays of every Bululu piece. Creating expressive prints that portray cultures and feelings held by many but that go often underrepresented in the fashion world are the driving force behind Beatriz Perez and Bululu, and we wish they will be yours’ as well

Our prints are made to transmit emotions y allow for the person wearing them to show their uniqueness and creativity! That’s why Bululu strives to accompany those working women who take a gamble to fight for their dreams.


#Bululover represents the collective community in which those who believe in our values are a part of. Whether it is fighting for a better future or hanging out with friends, you always be #Bululover.