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About BULULU Resort Wear

About BULULU Resort Wear

If you have a dream, you must go for it. Precisely, "I love Bululu" is the result of searching for new horizons and taking advantage of the opportunities that a great country as the United States of America can offer.

Sometimes we have to reconsider what we have done so far, so we can realize what we are able to create. In "I Love Bululu" we have acquired years of experience in the textile industry. In the meantime, we wished to reinforce our knowledge in the matter by academical studies in order to offer our customers top-quality pieces in the fashion design world.

Our Garments are tailored in Perú and they are made to enable women who love vacations, the beach, the sand, the enjoyment, to relax and, of course, to look beautiful in that kind of scene.

We love simplicity, timelessness and to express our point of view on every piece we create. Designs that pretend to expand and reach all the corners of the world, where we hope our "Bululu" be loved as much as we do.